web design


Pyze (visit site): Visual design.

Kathryn Page Associates

Kathryn Page Associates (visit site): Visual design and information architecture. I also did the HTML and CSS for this site.

Discount Legal Homepage

Discount Legal (visit site): Visual design and information architecture. I also did the HTML and CSS for this site.

Beeswing Audio Video Homepage

Beeswing Audio Video: Visual design and information architecture. I also did the HTML and CSS for the site, though am waiting on the client for copy before we can launch.

EpicSelf Homepage

EpicSelf: Visual design.

Webster Capital Homepage

Webster Capital: Visual design.

New Relic Homepage

New Relic: Visual design and information architecture.

New Relic Landing Page

New Relic: Visual design.

Wily Technology Homepage

Wily Technology: Visual design and information architecture.


Working with a design agency, I started with pen and pencil to imagine a number of ways to sort through several datasets. Once we achieved a model we thought would work I took the interaction pattern into Photoshop and applied the design which was then handed off to the development team.

As webmaster for New Relic I created documentation for each new development project, whether a redesign or microsite. As creative director I was closely involved in planning, documenting, and implementing the customer onboarding process. I also worked with the development group on interaction models around certain admin tasks within the New Relic UI.

Iconography for New Relic's SAAS software.

As webmaster for Wily I was responsible for the corporate website, partner portals and product download and delivery system. To create concensus around new development projects I collaborated with team members creating documentation such as data flows, information architecture, wireframes, and interaction diagrams.

integrated campaigns

The Data Nerd campaign grew organically from the way we saw New Relic's customers refer to the service in emails and tweets. We started with tshirts and ended with specialty packaging, cookies and bus wraps. In the end, more than 10,000 tshirts were given away.

To reach out and say "Hello" to a new audience we ran site-wide banners and emailed InfoQ's list driving visitors to a microsite offering free access to case studies, white papers, analyst reports and, most importantly, the product.

Running customer forums is by no means an easy task. At Wily we used postcards and emails to reach out to our customers, driving them to an event microsite to learn about and register for the event, we also handled all of the event-related graphics to boot.

What started as a direct marketing campaign with a "Blame Game" spinner board mailed to recipients (think "Twister"), became a online campaign. I used assets and the "feel" an outside agency established and created an email and banner campaign. We offered the board as well as a whitepaper.


For a month-long interstitial/billboard style ad buy, we did three versions so we could keep our message fresh. We found that they all did quite well — messaging was tied in with either home page messaging, or other banner ads we were running.

Banner campaigns for New Relic. Most of New Relic's ad spend was directed to banner advertising and sponsorships.

Most print ads for New Relic were used in event catalogs, whether they were trade shows like Velocity or event sponsorships such as "Trek in the Park".

The "Truth" campaign was run in several technology journals and on their websites. We did this in-house, shooting our own colleagues and office environments. We had the pieces to create a number of iterations that spoke to multiple audiences.

The "Most Critical" campaign was created to help us launch a new version of Wily's product. While we were unable to name our customers, we were able to get across the size and scope of their applications. Ads were created to run both in print and on the websites of various tech journals.

At Wily we created an ad campaign around a new whitepaper. The whitepaper was excerpted in a tech journal and we ran banner ads on several sites as well


Okta needed design and production help for their 1,500 person user event Oktane14.

Okta's marketing group needed a variety of promotional materials such a postcards and flyers to support events and general marketing activities.

Okta wanted to tout their broad and diverse customer base. We created a table top signs and quote posters that could be posted in meeting rooms and key spaces within their offices.

New Relic attends quite a few tradeshows and user groups each year. To support these activies we developed a system of materials from pop-up back walls and panels to handouts and bag inserts. We also designed for specific setups and messaging as needed.

At Wily we maintained a large catalog of brochures and white papers. We also designed and produced a number of postcards and other ephemera to support outreach activities, you can see these up in the Campaigns and Advertising sections.

Wily Technology attended quite a few tradeshows per year. Graphics would normally be based on current campaigns and home page messaging. We handled everything from large scale back wall applications to simple panels. Each application was unique.


Pyze provides a next-generation mobile data analytics that aids app publishers to gain better insights about their users. Pyze's brand needed to be modern, clean and play well within the high-end consumer design we see on app developer and mobile brand sites.

Produced for an April Fools joke, this "Okta Labs" logo was fun to create.

San Carlos Systems provided infrastructure that enabled companies to rapidly develop and deliver interactive content to their customers. RGB seemed a natural choice for their logo.

Business cards and a website for an IT professional. Bayard came to me with the idea for a logo and off we went.

New Relic was a blank slate. Together we established the brand personality, then designed a logo and visual design language we felt would distinguish the company within the marketplace.

Extending the Wily Technology brand. We extended the brand to cover partner and event logos as well as badges for product versions (they were the most fun to work on!).

Business cards and blog customization for Sweetshop Named Desire.